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Who we are

The word Arktos was chosen for the connection it has to our founders, and our mission, vision and values.  Arktos is a Greek word for “bear” and is the basis for the word Arctic, due to the presence of the Great and Little Bear constellations seen in the Northern night sky. The Arctic is significant to us as it is where the founders of the company met and spent many years living, learning and working together. The word “bear” embodies strength and resilience, which we are continually building within our clients, communities and selves. The Bear constellations also contain Polaris, the North Star, which has acted as a guide for many journeys throughout history.

We believe that wellness is not a destination, but a journey and one that is better shared with others. Arktos Wellness Services was created to guide clients along this journey. We are a community of helping professionals who build strength and resilience through individual and group work, wellness classes and workshops. We are therapists, counsellors, music teachers, yoga instructors and much more.

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Arktos Wellness Services

World Health Organization (1948)

- The absence of disease does not imply health

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Holding Hands

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To provide specialized wellness services to further the healing journey of individuals, families and communities.

Our Vision

Every Canadian, from coast to coast to coast, will have access to a community of wellness experts. 

Our Values

Relationship Building: Our work depends on successfully building relationships within and between the communities we work with. We strive to create sustainable teams, foster multidisciplinary collaboration, and build capacity wherever we work. 

Respect: We put respect into action, across all levels of our work. We promise to:

Listen before we act and provide space for all voices;

Practice the principle that clients are the experts in their own lives and narratives;

Celebrate and invite individual perspectives and differences;

Continually learn and grow with our clients, never assuming we have all the answers.

Safety:  This includes creating safe, confidential spaces for clients and staff, and ensuring physical, psychological and cultural safety at all times. 

Competence: Excellence is important to us and we are committed to providing services that are up-to-date, evidence-based and best practice. 

Optimism: We believe that people can change for the better. We believe that we are all on a journey towards health and wellness. 

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