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ADHD Bootcamp for Adults

ADHD Bootcamp for Adults: Image

Upcoming Bootcamp dates for 2024

Fall 2024




Sept 2024

exact dates and times are TBD

Who can participate

Max 15 participants 
Available to residents in: YK, BC, AB, Ont, QC and NU

How much?

$300+ tax for each module (4 weeks)

$900 + tax for full 12-week Bootcamp

ADHD Bootcamp for Adults: Schedule

ADHD Bootcamp for Adults

Who is it for: 

This group is for people who: already have a diagnosis of ADHD or agree that they struggle with the symptoms of ADHD, for people who know about the impacts of living lives that are unhealthy – but maybe aren’t able to sustain their changes, for people who understand they do not have the skills to: tackle limiting habits and behaviours, setting goals and achieving them, estimating how much time it will take to complete tedious tasks and for those who forget or are overwhelmed with their to-do lists or other commitments. 

This group is not for people who: don’t believe they have a diagnosis of ADHD/have symptoms of ADHD, are not ready/willing to be challenged, have the solutions for their own behaviours and beliefs(and those in others) or who are unwilling to let go of a belief that they can change. The group is also not going to benefit those who have symptoms of other diagnosis that are not being treated or stabilized

What is it:

This Cognitive-behavioral based skills group for adults with ADHD who are willing to challenge long-held patterns of beliefs and behaviours that have limited them in overcoming their symptoms.  The bootcamp is split into 3 modules of 4 sessions each.  Building on the slogan: “If you want something you’ve never had, you need to do the things you’ve never done”, this group is going to focus on creating sustainable structure and organizational systems for each participant.  Session topics include: setting yourself up for success, importance of wellness, time management/time-awareness, forgetfulness/scheduling, prioritizing to-dos, goal setting and completion, maintaining motivation, impulse control and emotional regulation.

This evidence-based group is based upon Mary V. Solanto’s: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Adult ADHD – Targeting Executive Dysfunction (2011)  Content and material are presented electronically and followed up with weekly homework to assist with long-lasting and adaptive changes.

Think of this course as science class where you have lecture and lab.  You can expect handouts to go along with each week's topic and an opportunity to practice the skills each week as homework.

Email us today if you are interested!

ADHD Bootcamp for Adults: Resources
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