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Dallas Davidson MSW. RSW

A little more about Dallas

Dallas has been working in the Mental Health and Addictions field since 2003 and brings a wealth of experience in dealing with youth, adults and communities.

Graduating from the University of British Columbia Okanagan with his Master's in Clinical Social Work in 2012. Dallas’ area of study (inspired by his own journey with ADHD) focused on the impacts of our diet has on mental wellness, specifically ADHD (spoiler alert: it's very important). Since then, Dallas has been working in a number of inpatient and outpatient government clinics across Canada - the last of which he was living and working in Iqaluit, Nunavut as the manager of the Iqaluit Mental Health and Addictions program for the Government of Nunavut. The beginning of 2022 brought Dallas and his partner back to the west coast of Canada (#BestCoast) to be closer to family and friends while they embark on a new journey towards parenthood and being business owners.

Dallas utilizes a number of theoretical frameworks, focused through a Trauma-Informed lens, including:  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.  Dallas has received additional training and certifications in Motivational Interviewing, Solutions Focused Therapies and Conflict Resolution therapies. 

Dallas specializes in treating: ADHD in adults, substance-misuse and other addictive behaviours, mood disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder) Indigenous mental health, relationships, divorce, parenting, identity, self-esteem and self-confidence,  trauma, grief and loss, suicidal ideation, and emotional dysregulation.

Dallas also facilitates a few of the groups/workshops at Arktos, including the Adult ADHD Bootcamp

Dallas is a Registered Social Worker in Ontario and British Columbia and is also able to provide service in Yukon, Nunavut and Quebec. 



Check with your insurance company for coverage

Dallas has a limited number of sliding-scale spots on his roster.  Email him for more info!

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